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I am fairly new to Fuji. I have an X-T1 (coming from Nikon film for the past two years: N90S, which I still own and use; yes, I am just getting into digital). I own the following lenses: Fuji 23 f2, Nikon 50 f1.8, Nikon 135 f3.5, and Nikon 80-200 f4.5. Then I have a speed booster so that I can use my Nikon lenses on my Fuji. I just got started working as a professional artist, specializing in painting, drawing, and illustration (sometimes sculpture, but mostly for fun). My photography...
By: (unknown member) (Feb 23, 2017)
I am doing an indoors photo shoot in 1 week and I have a question. I will get straight to the point, What would produce a better image (mainly noise)? D810 36mp 105mm @f2 cropped to 300mm or D3S 12mp 300mm @F4 The D3S will have to be shot at an ISO at least 2 stops higher! I only have access to a 105mm f2 and a 300mm f4also a D3S and a D810. I do not have them now but I will on the shoot.
I'm considering to buy one of the following for my D750. Questions or next to each item... Please give me some advice, I'm a hobbyist. Nikon 105mm f2.8 VR: For portraits and macro (versatility). I don't have a macro lens so this would fill in the need. Is this sharp at f2.8 to f3.5 for portraits? Do you think this does a worse job than 85mm f1.8G considering the skin tones? I would like to have a more artistic background blur so I thought 105 can do a better job than 85mm f1.8G, since it is a...
I'm debating adding a 105/2.0 DC to my lens arsenal on my D600. I've read countless threads of "it's the sharpest lens ever" vs "it's very disappointing" and about LoCA making it unusable etc. Bottom line, I like the pictures I've seen from it... However, I haven't seen anyone share good sample pictures or discuss how the lens performs when shooting into bright light. Backlit outdoor scenes (possibly with fill flash) come to mind, as does studio work with a pure white background. Has anyone...
By: xteapot (Sep 15, 2013)
Hi, I have D700 and several primes range from 20mm to 180mm but no zoom. I have a habit in using primes since film's day. I used to own some mid-range zooms and sold them because of an inconsistent in quality through out the zoom range (and focus range). After my son started to walk I've been having a hard time using a set of fix lens to snap the moments. I still love primes so I experiment with D700 paired with 105mm f2 DC and my wife's GF2 paired with 14mm f2.5 and the result is great! I...
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