Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 18-300mm F3.5-6.3G ED VR Q&As

Announced Apr 10, 2014 •
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Hi. I shoot a D7000, and am thinking about getting a Nikon 18-300 3.5-6.3 VR. I currently own the 18-105 VR and a 70-300 VR. I'd like to avoid having to switch (and carry...) lenses during trips (I may want to take a photo of the landscape one minute, then spot a pretty bird the next). I'm not a serious photographer, just a dad with a camera. So, the question:- did you get the 18-300 and regret it?- how's the time to focus?- if the IQ *much* worse than the 70-300? (I can accept some...
Hi all. Firstly, I'm quite new to photography with dslr cameras. I've had a Nokon D5600 for about a year now, with the 18-55 and with the 55-300 mentioned in the title. I like the reach of the 55-300 and (try) to use it for snapping aircraft and birds. The aircraft are no fine, but the birds can be a problem, especially in flight, The AF on the lens is very slow. So after a lot of reading and sole searching, I purchased the 18-300. The reviews that I read on the 18-300 were all glowing, with...
Hi, I am planning to go to US for a tour and want to carry a single lens which is full of features for my Nikon D5100. I do not want to upgrade my camera now to Nikon D7200 (which I want to) but want to upgrade my kit lens 18-50mm to Nikkor AF-S DX 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3G ED VR (2015). I am puzzled between Nikkor 18-300 & Tamron 16-300 but as per the reviews I have read, Tamron may offer good features at a low price such as Weather Seal, full Manual at Auto-focus mode etc. but when it comes to...
By: mikhs1 (Mar 22, 2016)
Hello, I need some help making a decision. I currently have my d7100 with 50mm 1.4D, AF-S 70-300mm and a 18-200mm. The 18-200 replaced my kit 18-105 lens for a trip to Europe last fall (I wanted an all-in-one lens for the trip to save space and weight). I have used my 70-300 on a number occasions at sporting events or while camping, in the woods, at the beach (only 3-4 times a year maybe). I was very pleased with results but at the same time quite annoyed with having to constantly switch...
Dear Friends, I am planning to buy a new Nikon D5500 but I am in a dilemma as to the lens combinations to purchase. I am an enthusiast photographer and will be using the camera for general purpose photography. I travel a lot so the range of photographs will be diverse. Landscape, birds, street photography and family portraits. My dilemma is whether to buy the 18-140 mm kit lens and then to add 70-300 mm Nikkor lens or to buy a 18-300 mm / 18-200 mm lens. I would not like to keep switching...
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