Nikon Coolpix S8000 User Reviews

Announced Feb 3, 2010 •
14 megapixels | 3 screen | 30 – 300 mm (10×)

Bought this camera to compliment my DSLR (D300) and replace my Samsung NV11 which only has 5x optical zoom (38-190mm) because of it's 10x ability and its a pocket sized unit. A decent camera especially when its less than $300 & it fits in your pocket. HD video is also very nice. Problems: my first purchased unit had a strange sound when recording video. returned and 2nd unit is fine. 2x digital zoom for hd video is dumb. should have allowed optical zoom even if they disabled the sound to ...

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Several years ago I bought a "L" series Nikon point-n-shoot camera. The picture quality was poor and the video clips had a constant high pitch ringing noise in the background. Being the big fan that I am of their DSLRs, today I gave their point-n- shoots another chance. I read about the new S8000 and decided to pick it up. In addition to assuming the picture quality would be good, the MPEG4/H.264 video format was a major selling point for me. I got it home and let the battery fully charge(abo ...

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I traded up from my Canon SD980 because I wanted the stereo sound for HD movies, longer zoom, and I have always had Nikons. I am not sure, after only 5 days and few hundred pix, if I did the right thing. Nikon has a slower lens (3.5 vs 2.8), much less of a wide angle (30 mm equiv. versus 24 mm -- a significant difference) and a clunkier interface, particularly for changing shooting parameters in the field. Other than that I love it, and particularly love being able to set hue to zero to ...

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