Nikon Coolpix S7c

Announced Aug 24, 2006 •
7 megapixels | 3 screen | 35 – 105 mm (3×)

I got this little camera some time ago as pocket note book. Do I like it - yes. Do I enjoy taking pictures with it - yes. But - it cannot and should not replace a real proper camera. As I have read in another review, the handling is a bit tricky - one needs to learn how to hold this camera. It is very small and light, which means that shots with longer exposure times are often blurred due to vibration. The camera features are super - the WLAN connection to my computer works fine, the shots ...

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maciej simm

I am an amateur photographer and I have used/owned a coolpix 950, d70 and d200 as well as the sony dsc707. I bought this camera well knowing its limitations but I still decided to keep it for the following three reasons: first and foremost, it fits in my pocket. it is a great macro camera. The flash is set near the lens so the subject is illuminated. Focusing takes patience but with proper zoom setting it becomes easier. Zoom in if you want good macro shots. The big LCD makes previewing easier. ...

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The WiFi is a cool feature as it lets you upload/email photos without a computer. It has a neat feature to upload wirelessly to your PC as you shoot but is useless for extended sessions unless you are plugged in for power as it drains the battery quite quickly. The vibration reduction is better than nothing but as it indicates, it's reduction, not elimination of vibration effects. I'm not impressed with the picture quality - I guess the lens quality/ better focusing may help. Problems: Wifi ...

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