Nikon Coolpix S600

Announced Jan 29, 2008 •
10 megapixels | 2.7 screen | 28 – 112 mm (4×)

Great for an all around point and shoot coolpix. I find it easy to use, and the size is perfect to just slip into a pocket. The zoom is great if your looking at taking pictures of things close up. i'm into nature stuff, so some closeups are great. Problems: Zoom at a distance does cause a bit of blurred vision, but it just depends on what you are taking a picture of.

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Compact form factor, easy-to-understand and -navigate menus. Exceptionally crisp images in good lighting. In poor lighting, digital noise is what you would expect for a small CCD chip crammed with 10 Mpixels. However, ultra-high ISO values are quite reasonable for a camera of this size. Memory write time is pretty quick, even at the highest quality image mode. Metering is exceptional, even in high-contrast settings. Exposure compensation, flash, macro modes are easily accessed via a ...

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This in an outstanding camera. It is fast (there are faster cameras but this is more than adequate), accurate, and produces excellent images under difficult lighting situations. The lens is sharp with well controlled distortions. The metering is spot on accurate. The battery has plenty of power for a full day of shooting (you should always carry a spare just in case). Like most sub-compacts this little guy lack a viewfinder. The screen can be brightened up and I had no problems shooting ...

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huge screen. fast zoom, fast startup. Takes great video. Image stabilization is subtle and effective. Face recognition doesn't work on profiles, but is a neat feature for front facing subjects and the first time i've seen this feature. It is not active by default. Overall, a pretty fast camera. gorgeous gunmetal finish. Problems: Buttons are a little small and cramped around the controller circle. Nikon-branded or Best Buy branded batteries are less potent and 3x as expensive as ...

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