Nikon Coolpix S6 User Reviews

Announced Feb 21, 2006 •
6 megapixels | 3 screen | 35 – 105 mm (3×)

I got this camera more than six months ago so I think I've played with it enough to get a good feel for it. At the time I got it from a camera store going out of business for $150 which was a steal and is still cheaper than what its going for now. For me it was great value for money but at its current price (~$200) I'd look at at the A710IS. Its pretty solidly constructed and has survived a couple of drops, one on its beautiful 3 inch LCD (though i don't recommend trying that). I'm not a ...

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I didn't buy this camera, but did consider it (I like Nikons). It's slim, a decent size, but doesn't sit in the hand well. Really needs 2 hands to reduce risk of shake. Controls are all the in the wrong spot. Great screen. Printed 3 shots in store (Fuji F30, Leica C-Lux 1, S6) and the Leica was the best - best color rendition and exposure. Nikon was 2nd, Fuji far behind. I'd suggest looking at Fuji F30 or Canon SD700 instead. Or step up to Nikon P4 - feels MUCH better. That's what I'm going ...

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As a D100 (and hopefully D200) owner, and past CoolPix 900/990 owner, I was looking for something I can keep in my pack when I travel (I spend most of my life on the road for work). Small, light, compact was critical. I've been happy with it so far with the exception of short battery life (compared to what I'm used to with the D100). I managed about 100 shots (some with flash and some without) between charges. I found this out the hard way when it ran out when we finally reached the top of ...

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F Rivera

What sold me was the wi-fi option. Very nice but it drained the battery a lot faster than usual. I was torn between this model or the Canon SD430. I eventually returned this one and got the Canon. Problems: The flash would go off in bright daylight. A lot of the pictures taken were blurry. Just a crap shoot if the picture would be clear or not. Maybe with a firmware upgrade the camera will perfrom better.

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I bought an S6 just before my trip to Disneyworld. Excited as anyone would be, I took a bunch of shots outside my house and then looked at them. Not only were most of the pictures out of focus, but the flash would come on when in full zoom in broad daylight. I chalked it up to a defective camera and exchanged it for another at Best Buy. Now I had to leave for my vacation the next day and did not have any time to play with it other than charge the battery and take a couple indoor shots. ...

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