Nikon Coolpix S510 User Reviews

Announced Aug 30, 2007 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 35 – 105 mm (3×)

As a Nikon pro user I bought this for my shirt pocket. I rarely criticise cameras but this is a real piece of junk that cannot pass without comment. Nice design, not very well assembled, good menus but Image Quality is just worse than awful... full of artifacts, fuzzy images with fuzzy edges and just so way below par compared with an Ixus you wonder which OEM manufacturer Nikon bought this device from and why they even bothered. Yes, small in size and correspondingly small on quality. Why ...

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I bought this as a pocket camera to compliment my DSLR. This one I can have on me all the time for those times when you wish you had a camera handy. This is a nice little camera. It fits easily into a pants pocket. I hardly notice it's there. In good conditions the image quality is superb. Pictures are very very sharp. Nikon uses a soft hand with noise reduction and seems to favor detail over noise reduction with this camera. I like that. If you hate digital noise this camera may not be for ...

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Overview This is a solid little camera that's good for the casual picture taker. Optical image stabilization offers extra hand held capability, though its not the miraculous anti shaky-hands-blur most people expect it to be. Contruction Solidly built, although the rotating navigation wheel feels slightly flimsy and fiddly (but this might be down to personal preference). Features A wider lens would've been nice. Limited number of scene modes, and limited creative exposure modes (if you care ...

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