Nikon Coolpix S500

Announced Feb 20, 2007 •
7 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 35 – 105 mm (3×)
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By: Commun1cate (Apr 17, 2015)
Hello DP Forum This may have already been covered, but, I am still looking and looking and looking at reviews of CSCs. I have a Panasonic Lunix TZ40 (dont laugh), wow I hear you say? i am going to New Zealand in December and would like to take camera that covers the following. It doesn't matter if expensive either or I need to buy extra lenses, or compact/csc. I just need and would love to know what to do and what not to buy. I would like to upgrade to a better more rounded camera. I will...
By: Blacknall (Jun 10, 2014)
Posted to: Samsung Talk
When I switch on my digital camera (Samsung S500 ) I get a message "Card Locked" and can't take a picture. What do I do ?
Hi have owned a Fuji FinePix S5000 for the past nine years, it has finally died. I am looking to buy something similiar, like to use the macro feature for fine details  and hoping to fine something in the Fuji line up that is similar to to S5000, any thoughts, ideas?
By: marekmichalowski (Apr 21, 2013)
I wonder - do anybody still use Finepix S5000? Regards MMK200D; MZ5; Finepix S5000
I am retired and i've never purchased a camera that does more than my six year old Finepix S5000.  I know it isn't anything to write home about but, it has served me well for the money, expended.I want to purchase a camera with interchangeble lenses and eventually purchase a used telephoto lense so that I can get closeups of birds that frequent my backyard. Now, I am contemplating spending more money than I probably should but, I've shopped stats for weeks and it appears that the OM-D E-M5 is...
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