Nikon Coolpix S4300 Q&As

Announced Feb 1, 2012 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | 26 – 156 mm (6×)
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By: Muss76 (Dec 29, 2015)
Hi Everyone My son bought me a second hand S4300 for Xmas, it was 160 bucks delivered and looks brand new, apparently the previous owner barley used it (judging by the picture names the previous owner only took 220 pics with it), so far I am really happy with the quality of the pics it takes (the Zoom is incredible). I have done a little research and from what i have gathered this is a Bridge Camera, its aimed at beginners like me, its not so great in low light conditions and its ccd"?"...
By: ShanaMc (Nov 18, 2013)
I am looking to buy a new camera, and my head is swimming from salesmen advice! I have two toddlers and i either end up missing the shot or it's so blurry I can't tell what it is. I have a nikon coolpix s4300, and I'm ready to upgrade to something faster. My son plays Tball and my daughter is in dance so I will be taking pics inside and out. I know nothing about photography, although I am willing to learn the basics.  I am considering the Nikon d3200, one of the salesmen at best buy swears...
I have had a Rebel XT since it's release. I have had a few problems with it but it still seems to take better pictures than any other camera in the house. My daughter has a Fuji Fine Pix S4300 and at 14 mega pixels it still doesn't seem as good as the Rebel. (I know there is a great difference in sensor quality, pixel density, etc.) My question is can I get decent RAW images out of a high end superzoom like the panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200, or am I better to go with a Rebel T5i etc... I am not...
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