Nikon Coolpix S30

Announced Feb 1, 2012 •
10 megapixels | 2.7 screen | 29 – 87 mm (3×)

The 10MP, 1/3" CCD puts it in iphone territory, but with a f/3.3-5.9 lens its not going to do as well in low light as today's better smartphones. The S30 is a success so far as it keeps all its flaws under control. It's a perfectly reasonable camera, and the kid-friendly features are very well thought out: from the symmetrical design (no fingers on the lens) to the icons on the LCD menu, to the image decorations and menu wallpapers you can choose. It is large and rugged and waterproof. I'm ...

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Colin Dutton

Really disappointed with this camera. I bought it for my six year old to use but when shooting indoors the images are always blurred. The flash can only be set to 'Auto' or 'Off'. You cannot force the flash. There is no logic as to whether it decides to fire the flash or not. Most times it doesn't fire the flash, even in a completely dark room with 1/4 o 1/2 second exposures, so the results are obviously terrible. I sent the camera back under guarantee and they said they replaced some ...

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This is my 1st Nikon and I am impressed with some of the results we did get. I bought this camera a few weeks before we went on a snorkeling holiday last week. And I bought it for under water photography and nothing more. After playing a bit in the water, most images were very good and I do have allot of good underwater memories from the trip. Even with the problems I note below I will still recommend this because its a very cheap alternative to buy. A housing for your current camera can be ...

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