Nikon Coolpix P80

Announced Apr 10, 2008 •
10 megapixels | 2.7 screen | 27 – 486 mm (18×)

Extremely bad for mid-low light conditions. It cannot focus and you might have to switch to manual focus which cannot be done easily. Very disappointed with reviewers in this website who likes to give review without using ALL the functions, as I have bought it based on their reviews. I can't believe people actually say that this is the best camera. Its so irresponsible! This is a good day light camera. But come evening, early morning, dim internal lighting (I am not talking candle light dim) ...

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GARBAGE Camera. I bought into the ad saying this camera had a very fast responce and Frame per second capability. I do alot of sports shooting so it sounded good. It shoots multiple frames per second but the pictures produced are awful & aren't worth a dime. Brought the camera back to the store figuring it was defective. In the year 2008 I didn't think it possible a new camera from a company like Nikon could realy be this bad. Sure enough the replacement camera was just as bad if ...

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This camera is advertised as a top fuel dragster on nitro but you get a Datsun 510 on diesel fuel! Those who posted positive reviews of this camera must be beginners in the early stages of learning. I purchased this camera mainly for the advertised (FAST) burst most of 13 plus images per sec. It does do that however the image quality is that of a camera out of a Cracker Jack Box! Major problems w/ the images awere multiple verticle lines going thru the images. Dark images due to camera ...

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