Nikon Coolpix P5000

Announced Feb 20, 2007 •
10 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 36 – 126 mm (3.5×)
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By: Trin56 (2 months ago)
Hi, I am strictly an enthusiast and do not print often. I travel a lot and my printer sits idle much of the time. I want to move up from A3 to a 17 inch printer and my main concern is clogging. Ignoring cost, roll printing etc, etc, etc, can anyone tell me which Epson printer is less subject to clogging, the P800 or the P5000? Many thanks.
By: sdross (5 months ago)
Hi, Does anyone out there own an Epson P5000 ? I can't find a review anywhere. Curious to see if there really is no nozzle clogging. Also if the print quality is any better than my Pro 4800.
Maybe a 17" with the green and orange. I'd buy it.  --He's not only dull himself, he's the cause of dullness in others.
Hello, I just received a second hand Nikon Coolpix P5000. This was my first Digital camera, which I purchased new in 2007. I sold it in 2009 not realizing what a great camera it was.  Anyway after so many years, I recently have been looking back at the photos I took with this camera and discovered what a wonderful camera this was. So I decided to purchase a second hand one. I received the camera today. Since its been such a long time since handling this camera, I would like to ask a question...
Hi, I have a 6 year old P5000 which I use regularly to take pictures of my fishing. Recently it started to forget the date and time when I recharge the battery. I assume there is an built-in battery somewhere which is gone wrong. I tried to find something in the manual, but found nothing. Did anyone had similar issue? How did you solve it? I assume I should send in to repair, but might not want to wait weeks for my camera. --Zalan
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