Nikon Coolpix P2

Announced Sep 1, 2005 •
5 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 35 – 126 mm (3.6×)

This camera has a large LCD window, which was a huge step-up from our previous Nikon, a CoolPix 2500. While we missed the flexibility the 2500 gave us with the swivel lens housing, the P2 definitely produced better pictures. I say produced because my daughter dropped the camera and ruined the lens mechanism. Picture to picture time was reasonably fast with the Nikon rechargeable battery and a SanDisk UltraII memory card. I was generally pretty happy with this camera, despite the high (mid ...

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You can use it as a point and shoot but it also has aperture priority and program mode. In aperture priority it is one-click to get to a screen for changing f-stop and exposure compensation. From program mode it is one-click to get to a screen to change the speed/f- stop combo and exposure compensation. There is a designated ISO click-stop on the top dial, so no need to go into the menus. There is a click-stop on the top dial for Set-Up and from there there is a screen that allows you to set ...

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Just bought one for my friend and tried one day. The grey market is US$191 in my local store. For this price, I really think that it has the best value for money. One more delight is that I find that it has image ratio 3:2 other than the default 4:3. In Dpreview's table it only shows 4:3. For my friend who don't like to edit photo, this feature is very helpful. The operation speed and 2.5 inch screen is very impressive. I have a 3700 and 7900 already, my friend's purchase makes me envy. hehe. ...

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First digital camera. Quality is excellent, easy to use. Bit buklier than other types of cameras which is good because buttons are bigger. Menu navigation fairly simple. Screen good size but hard to view in sunlight. Toggle buttn at the top could be better organised going from auto pictures to movie mode. No 30 fps for small movies is dissapointing. interface connector cover on side (for USB connection) is small and flimsy. Overall very happy and reasonably priced camera. Problems: none

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Have had this camera for 1 week (to replace my awesome looking but horrible performing Sony DSC-T7) Pros: 1. Aperture priority 2. Definable WB 3. WiFi 4. quick easy of use menu interface 5. not too much noise at ISO400 Cons: 1. build is cheap plastic (especially the lensecover and the wheel button). could have been the "good" plastic at least. 2. focus is a bit slow and hard to get under less than ideal light closeup 3. LCD is 110pix and not 200pix Problems: WiFi stopped working on PC. Need ...

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This camera is excelent! Ive had it for almost a month and I have to say that Im still playing with all the features. I Specailly like the WiFi, it just makes it so easy when you have a notebook and are outdoors, it sends them as soon as you take the picture. Image quality is, for a point and shoot, really good, it comes very close to what you see. And its only 300 bux, more affordable than the Olympus and Canon equivalents. And it comes with good software, Picture Project is easy to use and ...

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