Nikon Coolpix L610

Announced Aug 9, 2012 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen

No one has mentioned that this Nikon L610 has no way to set shutter speed.  Therefore it is useless to shoot moving objects.  All my socor pictures are blurry and if a person barely moves you get blurry pictures. Also the screen view finder is useless in sunlight. The movie feature at 1080 is useful. Its long telephoto is nice to have. I will take my Canon SX720is any day.  It has optical view finder and I can set speed and F stop to stop motion.  Only 640 on movie and 6x telephoto but a ...

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When I don't want to risk carrying my DSLR kit, I pack the L610 for non-critical work. Sometimes it has done surprisingly well! The interface is extremely simple, leaving few possibilities for interposing settings. I do appreciate the +/- button, however. The L610 is very comfortable in the hand. Its small sensor pushes 16MP, so overly-aggressive noise control and artifacts limit printing much beyond A4. Finally, its processor is slow. Not for action shooting, but good for stationary ...

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I bought this camera at Bestbuy for $150, that is $100 less then retail, I was looking at other point & shoot pocket size cameras in the $100 price range. This one is similar in size to the L26 that I was considering, but this one has a much better lens and a better feel in the hand, if you are familiar with other point and shoot Nikons you will have no problems with this. The main reason I was considering the L26 was familiarity with the L20 series of cameras that I have had several of and ...

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