Nikon Coolpix L6

Announced Aug 24, 2006 •
6 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 116 mm (3.1×)

Stylish, ergonomic, nice-look camera. Almost perfect automatic mode image quality. In general, good small camera. Very good results in normal light conditions (day or powerful lightening indoor). Problems: Very disappointing that there are no focus-assistant lamp. It is present, but it's named as 'self-timer' lamp and specially limited (to show only time delay for self-timer). It may work as focus-assistant lamp but I think it specially turned off, may be for next version of camera. Will be ...

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I'm well pleased with the performance of this camera and at £130 think it's brilliant value. ISO 800 makes indoor use without flash possible and Picture Project 1.7 enables me to do just about everything i want with pictures. Whilst construction seems generally good tha flap that retains the batteries looks a bit delicate and the plastic gizmo covering the A/V port is IMO poorly designed. I'll treat both with extra care! Problems: None.

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Easy to use. Easy to carry and good to very good pictures. This is my first Nikon camera and I am impressed with the construction. The features are pretty intuitive but there are not too many extras. This is a blessing and curse. It makes it easy to use but some of the cooler features from my other cameras are missing. Good to very good pictures but not alwayts crisp and clear. Regarding value for the money. I think it stacks up pretty well with any of the 6.0 megapixels. Somewhat higher in ...

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Love the Camera. AA Batteries can be found anywhere. SD Memory Cards are great for storage. Menu's are pretty good for the price range of this camera. The images are Pretty good also. I also have a Sony Alpha. I bought this camera as a smaller more portible camera. It serves the purpose well. Problems: The only draw back so far is the time it take to write the image - recovery time before the next picture. But for the price what can you expect..

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