Nikon Coolpix L3

Announced Feb 21, 2006 •
5 megapixels | 2 screen | 38 – 116 mm (3.1×)

i know its really old, but i still really looove this little camera. anytime i need to have something small and convenient with me, this is the one i grab. in good daylight, this camera is amazing (for what it is..) i do a lot of off roading, and this little bad boy is perfect for quickie and blast shots. only upgraded because this is a very ametur camera, and i wanted more complex settings. but i do still love this one! Problems: low light (as with any p&s or small sensor camera)

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The average casual photographer will not be dissapointed. Contrary to other opinion, this camera has plenty of speed and startup time. Pros: - Small and SLEEK - no knobby buttons or grips to get caught when slipping into a pocket. Easily fits a front or back pant pocket. Weight is mimimal enough for me to carry it in front shirt pocket. -Scene mode settings are nice and very extensive for on the fly shooting. -I've always been impressed with Nikon's LCD's - what you see on the screen ...

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I bought this camera a couple weeks ago to capture this Chrismas season for kids. I took some pictures in the day and night. The image quality is good. RGB color is well stretched. The skin tone is fine. I usually use "night landscape" SCN inside the house and turn off flash light. The image quality is great (if I don't shake my hand). And I am happy with the camera with the price.

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I bought this as a walk around camera. It slips easily into a shirt pocket and uses alkialine, lithium or NMHi AA batteries. The L3 generally produces very good images. I love the D-light feature (in-camera processing of darker images) and the in-camera red-eye reduction works brilliantly. I carry this camera with me everywhere with me these days - it's so easy to carry and use. Start-up is fast enough for most situations, and image writing times are reasonable, for my style of photgraphy. ...

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