Nikon Coolpix L19 User Reviews

Announced Feb 3, 2009 •
8 megapixels | 2.7 screen

(The grades are of course relevant to the category, i.e. entry-level point & shoot) I bought this as a gift to my wife - the only requirements were that it should be pink and very easy to use :) Given the very low price, there are absolutely no complaints. It does the job with style, it has some very basic manual settings (WB and Exposure Compensation for instance), and it's quite versatile - always for the audience it is intended. Image Quality is pretty good, especially with plenty of light ...

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Bought this camera as sort of portable recording webcam. The only requirements were 640x480@30fps movie recording with acceptable quality and generic accum power. - Good construction for this cheap. - Only thing that i can call a feature - smile detection. It made me laugh when I found that it really works! - Image quality is usual for under 200$ cameras. - Ease of use - well not too much buttons to choose from... so I'd call it easy. - Definitely worth it's money. Though I'd not spend a cent ...

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