Nikon Coolpix 885

Announced Aug 23, 2001 •
3 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

Piece of @$*#! Constant "SYSTEM ERROR"s! Removing battery for a minute used to fix it, so I didn't bother sending it in. Now it is totally locked up, and no longer under warranty. Nothing will clear the system error! Nikon wants tons of money to fix it. It was broken when I bought it! I will never buy another Nikon product!!! DO NOT BUY THIS CAMERA!!! Problems: constant "SYSTEM ERROR" messages eventually locked up completely often had one bright red dot somewhere in the image took ...

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Nikon refused to repair my 885 which was under warranty. It had not been near any water, or mistreated. They claim "water damage". After supporting Nikon for years, i will never purchase their products again. The flash stopped working and the screen stopped working less then 1 year into ownership. The time it takes to save image onto camera so you can take another shot is ridiculous. Sure, when it worked it was an ok piece of equipment! No big hoots, but maaan am i disappointed. What a ...

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The only good thig I can say is that this camera is relatively easy to use. I previously borrowed a Sony DSC-F505 for a couple of weeks and use a Kodak DC290 at work. The Nikon is more compact than the Sony. However, image quality on the Nikon is below average. The Sony and Kodak both had sharper images. The unit I bought was defective so my estimation if the image quality may not reflect the quality of a properly functioning unit. Problems: I bought this camera just before a trip to ...

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