Nikon Coolpix 700

Announced Feb 15, 1999 •
2 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 35 mm
Ken Zirkel

Great camera for small children. I picked up one of these to introduce my 4-year-old daughter to photography. It's very easy to use, no more features than are needed. No zoom, which is fine. She has a great time, and the cost is minimal. I bought the camera on eBay for $50 in mid-2004, loaded it with rechargeable AA's, and she's good to go. Problems: The file sizes are barely adequate for 4x6 prints, and the direct on-camera flash produces harsh images.

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Keat Lim

Good camera for someone who is starting out. When I first received this camera I would have given it a better rating but with all the newer cameras out there I had to drop the rating of the image quality to be average. Other than that I still give it an excellent 2mpix camera for under $500 Problems: OS sometimes hangs and have to reset it by taking out the battery. The CF door seems too flimsy (plastic hinges) but to-date still holds up too the abuse. Image quality is not too bad but after ...

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