Nikon Coolpix 4800

Announced Sep 16, 2004 •
4 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 36 – 300 mm (8.3×)

Hi Folks, The 4800 has proved to be a great camera - especially at the price of $187 ! It has many more features than I expected and Nikon support is impeccable - they are ready for all the dumb questions you can throw at them - 24/7. I have taken about 200 pics and especially enjoy the fact that it allows many manual settings. It has a self-timer, movie mode, 8.3x optical zoom, dual electronic view finder, a bunch of "scene modes", buttons are in the right place and easy to use, pretty easy ...

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I can't understand the negatives totally. I see this camera as very good? I had several cause I liked it then wanted to try another only to come back . One had just the right shutter speed and the other was too slow. Still at the time a few years ago the camera was right up there with the best point and shoots at the beginner level with a bit higher zoom. Problems: slow...indoor dark without flash and lack of color sometime indoor. No shutter priority or aperature priority or manual controls ...

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I don't understand the negative reviews on this camera. I have owned and used several "point and shoot" digital cameras this hands-down produces the best and most consistent images. Yes, it has a plastic body, but it seems to hold up well. No, it does not have a plethora of manual features. But for the price you can't beat image quality and ease of use and the 8.3 zoom is great as long as you use a tripod at max zoom. PS - Ive seen this camera as low as $299. And just make sure to set ...

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In research of purchaseing the 4800 found that my son in law was also researching for new digital. We both settled on the 4800. Made my purchase mid Dec '04. At first it was a little like learning the computer all over again. Have taken over 300 shots on the Island of Maui with outstanding results. Still many situations to learn and shoot. Problems: None- excelent camera. For other owners be patient! Update 11/7/05.. Spent 4 weeks in Virginia touring the cradle of history. Took around ...

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I'm happy with this camera, my first digital. I'm studying the manual intently and experimenting with it. I'm so pleased with my images and ease of use, was surprised at the mediocre reviews of it. As the salesman told me, "depends what you use it for," which for me is nature studies, macros, landscapes and photo copying of my art work. Has a short manual and a long one, both clear. Battery is one pc, loads easily, recharges quickly. Problems: It's not sturdy, tripod mount is plastic, no ...

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First Knight

Great camera with its features not available in most other cameras similar to its size and price range, its features even match or surpass the features of other more expensive cameras; this camera has great zoom and close ups, good grip and ease of use, produces pictures with great quality and beautiful natural colors (day or night). Problems: None, except for the body; it would have been much better if it was solidly made with metal for a better protection of this great camera, even if they ...

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22 SAS

This is the first digital camera for my wife and I have bought. We have previously used a Nikon 35 mm film SLR for years on our travels and hiking aound the world. We spent over two weeks researching and narrowing down digital choices to our budget and needs. We were looking for a camera that could take landscapes, people, and architecture. I am writing this review as there were not many customer reviews out there. So figured I would add our two cents worth to help others. We narrowed it ...

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The camera is solid but I'd prefer it to be all metal like it's competitors. The quality is excellent. i can use it to take some quick un-important simple pictures, quick vacation pictures, or really go for the artistic type and use the powerful manual overrides this camera has such as focus, exposure EV, shutter speed, color balance, contract, sharpness, and the best shot feature where it takes 5 pictures instantly and saves the best one. i miss not having a bulb exposure but it does open ...

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