Manfrotto Advanced Tri Backpack, Small Overview

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Manufacturer description: The Tri Backpack S provides three ways to store, carry and use your gear. You can wear it in the backpack, sling bag or "X" position. Suitable for your DSLR with standard lens attached, one to two additional lenses, flash and accessories plus media card storage.

The unique design of this pack allows you to access your gear even with the traditional backpack shape. In the backpack or X position with the straps across your chest you can easily and quickly swing the pack to your left or right side by simply releasing the quick release buckles. This means you don't have to remove the entire pack to retrieve gear. The pack is essentially divided in half with the bottom half for your photo gear and the top half for other items. It is slim and efficient in design. The main camera compartment comes with modular padded dividers that give you the freedom to arrange the pack to suit your gear needs. The top compartment can also be used to store less frequently needed gear. There are two external zippered pockets that allow you to retrieve accessories without having to open the main compartments. The front of the pack contains tripod straps that can accommodate a small size tripod.

Material combination offers functional as well as aesthetic impact; Rugged durable bottom half, made by High Density Nylon Fabric, ensures trust in durability and harmonizes with the equally durable but more stylish sheen of the top. Carbon detailing ties it all in with the Manfrotto Italian heritage. This collection, with pro inspired features, offers room for photographic gear and personal items.

Quick specs
Material High Density Nylon
Exterior dimensions 8.27 x 16.14 x 8.66 (210 x 410 x 220 mm)
Interior dimensions 5.12 x 10.43 x 6.69 (130 x 265 x 170 mm)
Tripod attachment Yes
Capacity Holds a DSLR with standard lens attached, 1-2 additional lenses, flash and accessories, media card storage, and tripod
Closure Buckle, Zipper
Rain cover Yes
Weight 28.16 oz (798 g)

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