Lomography Diana 20mm Fisheye Lens Overview

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Manufacturer description: Designed exclusively for Lomography Diana+ cameras, this 20mm fisheye lens yields a 180-degree circular image on a square print, creating in image that bursts with the Diana+'s saturated colors and dreamy atmosphere. The lens offers an enormous field of view that takes in half the world around you and compacts it into a tight circular image. As a result, you can twist and bend your subject around the edges, stretch them toward and away from your lens, and converge their lines toward the center. Or you can get right up to your subject's face and watch her nose get sucked into your lens while her ears and forehead slide backwards. Each fisheye image shows massive depth of field, so your subject and background will be nice and crispy clear. The lens also comes with a fisheye viewfinder and plastic mount for previewing your shots. Compatible with all Lomography Diana+ and Diana F+ cameras, the lens carries a 12-month warranty.

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