LG G5 Review

Announced Feb 21, 2016 •
5.3 screen | 16 megapixels (rear) | 8 megapixels (front)
dpreview conclusion

The LG G5's built-in super wide angle lens and the optional camera grip with a variety of controls earn it some extra points and make it a unique proposition for mobile photographers. Its pixel-level image quality is not among the very best, but exposure and color are good down to very low light levels. The G5's only major drawback is its video mode. It offers very little control over capture and low light footage shows little detail and high noise levels. If that is something you can live with, the LG G5 is an easy recommendation for any mobile photographer.

Good for

Mobile still photographers value good control over the image capture process.

Not so good for

Those who are more interested in video capture, or class leading pixel-level still image detail.

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