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Announced Apr 28, 2015 •
5.5 screen | 16 megapixels (rear) | 8 megapixels (front)
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Reviewed Jul 17, 2015
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Announced Apr 28, 2015
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The G$ takes over some of the G3's design details, but from a hardware point of view ss an all around new device. In the camera module the 16MP 1/2.6-inch CMOS sensor is a touch larger than the 1/3-inch sensors in many other phones, and the F1.8 aperture is the fastest among the current crop of high-end mobile devices. The improved optical image stabilization system now works along 3 axis, compared to 2 axis on the G3, and comes with a range of stabilization that has been increased from 1 to 2 degrees.

As before, the contrast detect autofocus is supported by a laser AF. In addition, the G4 comes with a new color spectrum sensor that reads RGB color and Infrared in order to recognize objects in a scene and their color. This information is then used to optimize white balance and color processing. At the front an 8MP sensor is combined with an F2.0 aperture.

There are also some changes in the camera app. In addition to the usual full-Auto mode there is now a manual mode that allows for adjustment of shutter speed, ISO and white balance. The camera is also capable of recording DNG Raw files which can be saved on the 32GB of internal memory or a microSD card with a capacity of up to 128GB. At 0.6 seconds the camera launches very quickly and double-clicking the rear camera button captures an image without having to open the camera app first.

Pictures can be framed and viewed on the new IPS Quantum Quad HD display that offers the same 2560 x 1440 resolution as on the G3 but improved contrast and color. The Android 5.1 operating system is powered by a slightly unusual Snapdragon 808 hexa-core processor and 3GB of RAM. X10 LTE allows for download speeds of up to 450Mbit.

Product timeline
Jul 17, 2015
Review, Jul 17, 2015
Quick specs
OS Google Android
OS Version 5.1
Front camera effective pixels 8 megapixels
Rear camera effective pixels 16 megapixels
Rear camera resolution 5312 x 2988
Rear camera aperture 1.8
Camera physical shutter release Yes (no two-stage button)
Camera image stabilization Optical
Video camera recording format 2160p, 30fps
LCD size 5.5
Built in memory 3GB RAM, 3GB storage
Weight 155 g (5.47 oz)
Dimensions 149 x 76 x 10 mm (5.86 x 3 x 0.39)

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Our review

The LG G4 might not have the full metal body or comprehensive imaging feature set of some of its rivals. It also comes with some minor image quality issues and a video mode that is slightly degraded by a pronounced jello effect and low-quality slow-motion footage. However, if your focus is on image detail, Raw capture and full manual control it's hard to go wrong with the LG. Many photographers will also appreciate the MicroSD slot and removable battery.

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