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Announced Jun 24, 2019 •
24 megapixels | Full frame sensor
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By: pixelillo (6 months ago)
Posted to: Leica Talk
Have been checking production timeline of Leica cameras and found something that confuses me. There's a Leica M, with a 24Mp sensor, whose production starts in 2013. Most of the Leicas M you find in the market belong to that series, but have hardly found any model of this M-E. Was it a completely new model or is simply a case or renaming to  put it again in the market? In the times I bough my old film Leica cameras (own and M3 and an M4-2) Leica used to publish the serial numbers of the...
Hi guys, Recently I bought a new Leica M-E (typ240)and it's basically an M240. And a few days ago, when I tried to do some continuous shootings (the shutter not being hold all the way, but rapidly pressing the shutter when the screen was black and the red light was flashing), I found out that among a series of photos I shot at the same scene, there was one that was a bit underexposured (you can obviously tell the difference between that one and others), and this kind of issue happened a few...
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