Leica X1

Announced Sep 9, 2009 •
12 megapixels | 2.7 screen | 35 mm

Its a Leica!!!... some says, and is a good camera, I like the quality, it works properly, I dont like the colors as on many Leica cameras, can be fixed on post prcessing, but mmm, in black and white are azom, I love how simple and sober the design are, I hate the colapsible type of lenses, why not a simple fixed lens, when i saw first time this camera off I loved it, but whe turn on and the colapsible lens were there pfff, never like this kind of lenses, dont combines with the rest of the ...

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Well balanced in my hands. Reasonable bulk for its purpose. Relatively lightweight. Terrific lens. Resolution and color utterly satisfying. Autofocus a dissapointment despite firmware version 2.0, improved only M/F. For fast shootting, especially in low light situations, stick to manual focusing. Aperture and speed dials tend to turn quite easily. One must check. I only wish this camera had a faster AF and a 35-70 equivalent zoom. In all a star performer. S/N 3813xxx. Problems: Leatherette ...

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I have grown to like this camera having initially thought that I had made an expensive mistake in buying it. Image quality is superb. Great colour, detail and texture. The lens is sharp. Build quality is very good - the camera feels good to hold. You get a free copy of Adobe Lightroom included. An optical viewfinder is essential and is very good though this is another cost. Overall an expensive camera with few "bells and whistles" but it does the important job of taking pictures very well. ...

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