Leica V-Lux 4 User Reviews

Announced Sep 17, 2012 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 25 – 600 mm (24×)

As I've gotten older, hauling around a heavy DSLR and multiple lenses has gotten to be a chore. This compact camera, with its 24X super zoom and constant F2.8 lens is ideal for much of my photography, macro to street. It's photos are sharp, bokeh is good when needed, ISO at 6400 is noise-free, although, with the F2.8 lens, I seldom need to go that high. I shoot in raw which gives me added flexibility in editing. The only drawback is that the electronic viewfinder is small and easily moved ...

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I, like many others have always dreamed of owning a Leica. Well, now I do. I bought this, having realized that my trusty and well loved DSLR, was getting little use and wanted something with a large zoom, that I could take anywhere and was instantly available. Of course it also had to take great images! At this stage, I do not intend going through all the details, like a pixel counter, but I want to give my initial impressions of the camera. It has a very fast f2.8 lens, applicable right ...

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Like the other reviewer stated I did not want to lug my huge 1D series Canon body with L lenses to Prague on vacation.  Instead, I brought the Leica and it didn't disappoint.  The 2.8f lens was great for shooting in dim light and the long reach (600 mm) was indispensable for getting some of the shots I did.  When I returned and loaded my photos into Lightroom i was amazed.  They were sharp with beautiful colors right out of the camera and required very little post processing.  Since that ...

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Tired of lugging around that DSLR? I was. My K5 went with me to Europe. I carried a sigma superzoom because I love to do multiple images at different distances to give context to travel photographs. It was a chore to carry it everywhere as is my custom. This camera by comparison is lightweight and more versatile, with an awesome lens. I doubt I'll travel with the DSLR again.

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