Leica Digital Cameras and Lenses

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Global website: us.leica-camera.com
US website: uk.leica-camera.com
EU website: de.leica-camera.com
Established: 1913
Country: Germany
First digital camera: Digilux, 1998
One of the most famous names in photography, Leica popularized 35mm film and is perhaps best known for its iconic rangefinder cameras, which have been in production since the 1930’s. With its emphasis on mechanical cameras and traditional production techniques, Leica initially struggled to find its place in the digital era, initially rebadging Fujifilm compacts with its famous red dot to capitalize on its luxury brand status. Around 2004 Leica went into a successful partnership with Panasonic (ongoing) to produce a range of compacts, and in 2006 Leica launched the M8, its first digital rangefinder, followed in 2009 by the X1 APS-C compact.
All Leica’s compact cameras, with the exception of the large-sensor X1, are rebadged versions of current (or recent) Panasonic models, with minor cosmetic and spec differences.
Leica is famous for its optics, and the current digital M cameras are compatible with virtually every M lens made since the mid 1950’s. Modern M lenses have coding to tell the camera what focal length is attached.

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