Kyocera Finecam SL400R

Announced Feb 14, 2004 •
4 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 35 – 115 mm (3.3×)

I bough this camera as a carry-everywhere digicam. It is a lot of fun to use: ultra compact, great swivel body, instant wake-up, quick zoom, pretty fast & accurate AF, very short cycle time, excellent video (not that I really care)... The image quality is good although it doesn't match my much bulkier Minolta S414. Corners can get a bit soft and there is a hint of color aberrations, but nothing really worrying me (my former coolpix 995 was much worse). The 800 ISO setting is very noisy, but ...

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I purchased this camera as well as the Sony Cybercam DSC-T1 Comparatively speaking they are close is size and similar in operation. This camera is a little more interesting as it does swivel, but I had concern that it is built a little more flimsey, and is definatly lighter in weight giving the impression it is of lesserr quality. I had similar lighting situations and developed film and found the print quality to be a little better in this camera than the Sony, but the pictures I developed on ...

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Nice small fast camera, but has a quite large barrel distortion. Bad feedback from Kyocera with respect to customer questions. Many pictures result in less sharp pictures, due to movement by hand and or camera optics. At lower light levels using the "sports" scene it will not be possible to achieve sharp images. However at normal outside conditions good images can be achieved. Price 385 Euro by Internet + 110 Euro for a Ultra 256 Mb SD card. Battery has often to be recharged, disadvantage ...

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