Minolta DiMAGE G500

Announced Aug 7, 2003 •
5 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 39 – 117 mm (3×)

In August 2003, I bought a Minolta S404. I was terribly disappointed in it (especially battery life) so I returned it; and a month or so later I replaced it with the G500. What a difference! This camera is small, light, and has a wonderful battery life. The camera is easy to use, and the photos are outstanding. Two weeks ago, I played golf at Pebble Beach, and this camera is small & sturdy enough that I carried it in my golf bag, without worrying that it would be damaged; and I used it to ...

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I am a 35mm guy, who was looking for a pocket size digital camera. I spent about 2 months reading reviews and handling just about every model you can name. In the end I chose the G-500. With a camera this size, there are some compromises, in controls and features. However for $300 this camera outperforms its closest competitors that I would have paid $200 more for. Don't buy the $79 or $39 extra batteries. The three major points that sold me are the time of start up which is lower than ...

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Bob Let.

Oh My GOD! Thank you Jim for recommending this camera as highly as you did. I just recieved my camera today which I puchased on-line at buydig.com. I am new to digital photography but I must tell you this tiny camera is a blast. It is so easy to use. Open and shoot. I also have been playing with the manual modes and having a blast. I have taken several hundred pictures in all different modes with great success. I can't begin to tell you the fun I am having. One thing I noticed with my ...

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Against the stated policy of this forum, others who do not own this camera have posted reviews. Since they have not been removed.I feel complled to add...I don't own this camera, but the test reports at www.dcresource and www.steves-digicams both give this camera superb reviews. In addition the British publication "Digital Camera Buyer" also gave the camera an excellent review. I would dismiss those negative comments that show a ONE for image quality. Give me a break! The reviewer lacks any ...

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The previous reviewer probably got a defective product. I did not encounter any of the problems mentioned. This is my third digital camera and by far I am very impressed with the results. Image quality is excellent in its entire focal range from wide angle to zoom. Macro shots are also very sharp and detailed. I absolutely love the solid construction and feel of this little camera with big features. Problems: None ... thus far.

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