Konica KD-500 Zoom

Announced Sep 29, 2002 •
5 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 39 – 117 mm (3×)

Based on some 3000 pics taken with KD500z using firmware 1.55A. The camera fulfils the intended purposes: replace my old point and shoot and learn digital photo processing. Image quality: - RESOLUTION is ok, very fine for 11*15 cm prints made at a good lab, acceptable at 20*30 cm. Beats ISO100 film processed at a minilab (but not as good as pro prints). - DISTORTION at wide angle is annoyingly stong, better not have straight lines close to the image border. Hope the next generation of ...

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Werner Ruhl

Small, 5 Meg but awfull bad Software design. The user interface does not correspond to the description of the (missing) manual. Some menuepoints disappear (f.e. FINE/NORMAL Quality) and are only in operation after Reset of all Parameters. Good image quality compared to same size cameras . Moderate image quality compared with 4 Meg class. I would love to get SW update without flaws. Werner Ruhl

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Well, after ages of drooling over the kd400z i desided to go the little bit extra and get the kd500z. i have now taken over 8000 pictures with this camera, still works as good as the first time i took it out of the box, very well constructed, even after the few bangs/drops it has had! ill start with the bad bits, the manual is awful, it took ages to print, isnt that well writen, and seems a waste of time, so dont bother printing it! take the camera out and play! can take videos, BUT, only 30 ...

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richard kim

wonderfully small... image quality is not impressive due to the fact that you're at the mercy of the camera's decisions on ISO settings, etc. no way to tweek or change these settings... image noise is bad..considering it's a 5MP camera.... storage media is too expensive!!! great LCD screen!!! poor low light, no flash, camera...images unimpressive with such an expensive little camera. i am actually returning this to get a Canon Powershot S230...3.2MP canon has a grea Problems: no probs, but ...

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