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Konica e-mini M

Announced Feb 9, 2001 •
0 megapixels | 38 mm

I have mutiple digital cameras, and bought this one as a gift for my teenage son. He wasn't all that interested in photography, but wanted something to snap a few quick pics of friends etc. Because of this, I got him the Konica e-mini M so he could listen to all his downloaded music too. I purchased this for under $60.00 on Ebay and for the price I think it was a great value! Having just a few months ago bought my other daughter a Polaroid 640 Plus digital camera, I have a good 640 x ...

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just bought it recently from amazon for $200. must say it's excellent value for money. certainly exceeds my expectations though image quality is far from execllent. good for small prints and emailing pics though. One annoying factor is the lack of any bundled memory. u'll have to invest in a 64MB CF Card to take advantage of the mp3 feature. All in all, a great value for money deal if ur expectations aren't too high. Professionals stay away. Problems: None whatsoever.

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