Kodak Digital Cameras and Printers

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Global website: www.kodak.com
Established: 1892
Country: USA
First digital camera: DCS system, 1991
With a name that’s been synonymous with photography for over a century, it’s no surprise that Kodak has played an important role in the digital era (including, it should be said, inventing the first digital still camera, in 1975). As well as introducing the first commercially available digital SLR (in 1991), the first raw format, and a host of other innovations, Kodak championed the idea of ‘easy to use’ digital compacts, embodied in the EasyShare branding it gives to all its consumer models. Today, Kodak is out of the DSLR business but has a wide range of affordable compacts (many designed and manufactured by a third party OEM supplier), printers and accessories.
Kodak’s popular EasyShare range tends to concentrate on the entry-level, though the big zoom ‘Z’ series offers some enthusiast-level specification at a reasonable price point. Ease of use is a key point for all models.
Kodak entered into the consumer-level inkjet photo printer marketplace in 1999, in a joint venture with Lexmark. These days its range of photo printers spans ultra compact dye-sublimation models all the way up to economical home office all-in-ones.

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