Kodak DCS420

Announced Mar 1, 1994 •
2 megapixels | 1″ sensor
Wojciech Sawicki

First of all, this is a camera that requires at least an average IQ... There's a lot of hassle to get it working on a modern Win-XP system - the installation of ForceASPI, the installation of a SCSI controller and finding XP drivers for it, and finally, downloading XP drivers for the camera itself. Someone who can't cope with this process will be disappointed, but once you get it done and it comes to life, this is a MAGNIFICENT camera. Resolution and image quality-wise it doesn't differ that ...

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Brought one home for $650 with a AF 28mm (wide angel lens) great value for the $, the only thing you have to know how to use PhotoShop or you are in troubles, this Camera only records the imgaes in RAW tiff formats. Problems: the batteries are so old that they won't hold the charge, kodak does not sell them anymore, so I used a quantum 5+ externally, no biggy. had a little poblems getting drivers for Windows XP, but ended up writing them, will post them on the site when they are complete...

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