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Announced Jan 8, 2009 •
10 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 35 – 350 mm (10×)
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By: chiue (Apr 20, 2016)
Thinking of getting a lens hood for A6000. Anyone currently using the below hoods. The metal ring hood look very shallow not sure how effective it would be. Any suggestion? --chiue -Nikon D5000 / Sony A6000Kodak Z990 P880 DX7590 Z915 DX6440 V803 M420 C190 C875 ZX3
By: littleoak (Mar 5, 2016)
Posted to: Open Talk
Had this camera long time, love it. However, recently told me it was "full". When store clerk tried to put in a new chip still said it was "full". That was a couple weeks ago, now with the old chip or new one, it says it needs to be formatted. Tell it to format, says it is formatting, then goes right back to "needs to be formatted". Help???  Walgreen tried to get the pictures to download from the old chip and couldn't - which led me to think a new one would do the trick. Also have a Z915...
By: NoviceDave (Nov 3, 2012)
Posted to: Kodak Talk
I have a Z915 which I didn't really use until now.  I'm a novice with digital cameras, but it doesn't work at all.  I've read through the user guides and can't find the problem.  The "shutter" won't release!  In Smart Mode, I half-depress the shutter button and after a second it beeps once, and the frame lines go green.  When I fully depress the button nothing happens!  Can anyone help?
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