Kodak EasyShare M853 User Reviews

Announced Jun 12, 2007 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 37 – 111 mm (3×)

I bought this camera to carry in pocket for use when I do not want to carry my Canon IS 2. I have not yet upgraded to digital SLR, the IS2 satisfies my needs. The 1/2.5 sensors are frankly ridiculous, and the built in software to make 8 meg useful actually does more harm than good. 5 or 6 meg is the max that should be used! That said, if this camera is used with more than ISO 80 or 100, poor pictures will result. ISO of 1600 should never be used. Grain,Grain, Grain will result. The first ...

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Works well mechanically for the few days I had it. Pictures are absolutely horrible and an outright lie to be 8MP quality. Pictures are grainy and unclear and the files are understandably small in size confirming that the output cannot be 8MP quality. My 5MP camera has smaller pictures dimensionally, larger file sizes and much clearer resolution and is an older Kodak model which led me to believe that this one would be much nicer. Boy was I wrong. SD capacity charts on their website reported ...

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