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Kodak DX4530

Announced Aug 5, 2003 •
5 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)
Dr CyberEvil

<font color=red><b>Now cheaper with extra mem and dock</b></font> - Especially happy with the ease of use and value for money. Dealers are now bundling this camera with a 128Mbyte SD/MMC memory card and the kodak EasyShare camera dock II for the same price as the camera cost in March 2004. That is, the ram and dock (which is about 50% the price of this camera) now come bundled for free with the camera purchase (See for this bundled deal). - The dock II is great for ...

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This was my very first digital camera. I had it for 2 1/2 years and took thousands of pictures before it was replaced by a Canon Powershot S3 IS. I still keep the Kodak but I find that it does not appear to be functioning as well. The first two years were great. It took magnificant closeups and wonderful outdoor shots. Inside shots turned out well only if subjects were closer to the camera or enough light. I was very disappointed with the slow shutter speed. If I was taking a picture of ...

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Eric Vanstory

We had this camera as a simple snapsht camera and seemed to always find ourselves having to tweak it to get enough light for any of the settings to give us clear pictures. We were always indoors with good light for most cameras around us, but we did not seem to be able to get it to focus worth a darn. After finally giving up on it and selling it on eBay, we found some other reviews that indicated some of the same frustrations. Problems: So if you have good sunlight and a tripod, or at least a ...

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Kevy G

READ THIS. ITS IMPORTANT! I got the Kodak DX4530 about 2 and a half yrs ago as my first camera. It was wonderful. I took 10,000 photos with it in 2 years. Then I went on a graduation trip to DC. On the way home someone on the plane spilled pepsi on it. I had gotten water on the camera before so I thought nothing of it. I wiped it off after I shook the ice and coke off of me. But the camera had dried so quickly, probably due to the air pressure of the plane, but i wiped it off anyway. But the ...

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This is the third digital camera that I've owned. I recently used it to take photos at a local air show. I was delightfully suprised at the quality of pics that was gotten using the 3.3x digital zoom during the performance of the Blue Angels. I could even see the pilot in the cockpit in the pic taken as the A/C passed my field of vision. Great camera for the price especially since I bought it in an auction on Ebay. I got a GREAT Camera at a GREAT Price. Problems: No Problems found. Only ...

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Great for outdoor and natural light. Excellent detail and color outdoors. Easy to use, nice docking system. Problems: Major White-balance problem. Almost every indoor picture(which was most of the pictures I took) was very distorted and tinted blue. The problem was easily fixed with simple photo editing, but a big pain when going through hundreds of photo's of our baby boy. Features leave much to be desired for anyone looking for creativity, but its fine for point and shoot.

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This is my first digital camera, I read a few reviews of this one and other 4MP - 5MP cameras and this one had the best over all review. So far I have not been disapointed, the images have so far been crystal clear and the zoom has been top quality. Problems: No camera case. Other than that an excellent buy.

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Very good camera for the price you can get it NEW on Ebay for around 200-225$...5mp is great pictures come out super, i take them on a disk to Costco and they come out perfect and super clear...Very easy to use and understand, downloading is a snap!! one of the best cameras for the 5mp and in the price range...perfect for any beginner to serious photographer...battery life is great if you use the CRV3...Very happy with the camera and software ...highly recommend A+++ Problems: the zoom isn't ...

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I just replaced my old 3.1 mp polaroid digital camera, which was stolen, with the DX4590. purchased the camera with the 4000 printer dock and travel bag as a combination @Sears for $399. Found this website much helpful for researching my purchase. Comparing it to my old polaroid I have noticed an immediate difference not only in details and clarity, but also a huge difference in colors. The colors produced by the Kodak camera are brighter and more vivid. I wanted a camera that would be ...

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Extremely easy to use but: The kodak "5.0MP" 4530 does indeed have a true 5MP sensor, but it is actually only able to achieve a level of detail seen on a cheap 2-3MP camera. Why? you may ask. With an expensive £500+ camera - it is usual practice to replace the tiny memory card with a large 256mb+ or micro drive soon after purchase. In the lower price range the real challenge is to produce a camera that is "stand alone" i.e. it will take an acceptable number of photos, without having to buy ...

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