Kodak EasyShare CX7220 User Reviews

Announced Feb 2, 2004 •
2 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 37 – 78 mm (2.1×)

I paid CDN$ 99 for this camera, so it doesn't have to be outstanding to provide good value for the money spent, which I think it does, as long as you don't plan on using the optical viewfinder. Problems: I encountered what I think is one very serious issue with this camera (compared to other digital cameras which I've used), and that is that the optical viewfinder does not provide an accurate representation of the image being captured in typical portrait and group photography situations. In ...

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I wanted an entry level camera for email pics that was of reasonble quality and price which also gave me the option of video with audio - I did alot of research before I settled on this camera and it has lived up to my expectations. The quality of pictures is excellent, it was very easy to learn how to use and comes with enough feautres for everday photography (with the self timer being particularly handy) I use rechargeable NIMH batteries and these prove more than efficient. The video with ...

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