Kodak Pixpro Astro Zoom AZ651 User Reviews

Announced Jan 7, 2014 •
21 megapixels | 24 – 1560 mm (65×)

The AZ651 had some minor issues which most users did not discover.  One fault was the inability to take a burst of photos with the sound muted. The first photo was fine; the remaining four were over-exposed.  The AZ652 has corrected that.  The spot focus was a bit "soft" at the upper end of the zoom while the center focus was fine. I have taken a photo of a perched Bald Eagle from 500 feet and have seen its iris without cropping or otherwise modifying the photo. The Smart Ring . . . I would ...

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Jimmy Fox

Best super zoom for the money! Hands down, no competition. RAW + hi quality JPGs without compression artifacts, Manual focus ring, doubles as zoom OR menu selector in AF mode. Fully articulating Swivel LCD, Remote control via Android or Apple app. Good feel and balance with great buttons. Of the 2 dozen+ super zooms I've owned... (Canon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Konica-Minolta,+) The Kodak PixPro AstroZoom AZ 651 is by far the best. And it cost way less than any of the others did! Thanks to JK ...

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