Joby GP8-BHEN GorillaPod Focus Overview

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Product description

Manufacturer description: Designed for professional photographers and their heavy camera equipment, the GorillaPod Focus is the strongest, largest GorillaPod available. This sturdy, flexible tripod is built with machined aluminum sockets ensuring a rock-solid hold, and supports up to 5kg (11 lbs). Adaptable and portable, the GorillaPod Focus provides the stability of a professional tripod at a fraction of the size, weight and price. Its wrappable legs secure your camera to trees, railings, and fences allowing you to get the perfect shot in low light and crowded places, even where traditional tripods are not allowed. The bundled Joby Ballhead X for Gorillapod Focus supports 5kg (11.1lbs) and allows you to easily and fluidly pan, tilt, and rotate your camera while still enjoying the versatility and reliable support of a Gorillapod on virtually any surface.

Quick specs
Attachment type 1/4", 3/8"
Folded length 14.7 (37 cm)
Load capacity 11.10 lb (5.03 kg)
Weight 1.70 lb (0.77 kg)
Number of leg sections 1
Quick release plate Yes (Arca-Swiss style)

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