Induro 483-102 PHT2 3-Way PanHead Overview

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Product description

Manufacturer description: INDURO PHT-Series Panheads offer front and horizontal tilt and panning movements along with secure locking handles/knobs. Each Head offers a secure dual quick release locking system. Graduated scales provide quick and easy repositioning and a built-in bubble ensures fast camera leveling. Unique folding control handles make packing and transport easy. Ideal for studio and on-location shoots. Each Panhead includes a matching Snap In Style Quick Release Plate.

Quick specs
Load capacity 26.50 lb (12.02 kg)
Weight 2.40 lb (1.09 kg)
Level Yes (1)
Friction control No
Quick release plate Yes (Snap-in)
Independent pan lock Yes
Lateral tilt +90° / -45° Front; +90° / -25° Horizontal

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