HP Photosmart R817

Announced Jun 1, 2005 •
5 megapixels | 2 screen | 36 – 180 mm (5×)

another closeout review for me and unfortunately this camera is not a 5 image quality with noise seeping in too often. The performance speed of operation, specifically related to buffer, is to put it mildly too slow. If not for those two things, a good camera. I expected a little more zoom and easier time thinking about how I don't want it but controls are excellent and I think I will this camera. Easy to use, hold , keep , put it in pocket etc and better then many cameras indoor white ...

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A Richter

This is my first digital camera although I have occasionally used other people's gear (Canon compact, Minolta dSLR) since 1995. I got it in August 2005 and simply put, it is excellent. The panorama mode is a joy to use, and so far has only failed me once. The HP software makes processing pix and storing them on computer a doddle; it compares fairly well to MS Picture It! Photo 7.0. Where one would creatively fiddle say with hue & saturation controls on Picture It!, HP offers several ...

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Amr Mansour

I had this camera for a day and here are my initial views: 1) Body construction is very solid since it is stainless steel 2) The 2" LCD screen is very clear, shame this cameraq did not come with a view finder as well. 3) Image quality was good compared to my previous digital cameras 4) The menu is simple and logical, I did not really need to use the manual, ease of use is what this camera is about. 5) The 5x optical zoom is an added bonus too and it really works. Problems: 1) I am a bit ...

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