HP Photosmart M407

Announced Aug 28, 2004 •
4 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 40 – 111 mm (2.8×)

Well I will keep this short. I replaced this camera with a Canon A570 IS which kicks the HP M407 in the dirt. I gave the camera to my 9 & 8 year old to mess with. All the stuff is crap about this poor excuse for a camera. If you like changing batteries every 5 shots then get this camera. IF using lithium batteries you might get closer to 50 shots. With the expense of lithium batteries though, after 15 packs you exceeded the cost of this camera. So go buy a Canon. I got into Canon by buying ...

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Ken G

STAY AWAY FROM THIS CAMERA!!! This is absolutely the worst camera I have ever encountered. Pure garbage. Construction is awful. The picture quality is terrible. The 4 megapixel is worse than the 2 megapixel. I got a low price from buy.com $107.00, actuall $25.00 would have been too much. I would suggest, if you order this camera, throw it out right away, at least you will not get frustrated. Problems: 1. Many times it only takes half a picture, the bottom half of the picture is solid gray. 2 ...

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