HP Photosmart M22

Announced Feb 18, 2005 •
4 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 37 mm

Considering the specifications I decided M22 is the camera for my daughter (she is 10): metal case, waterproof, small, no external moving parts, standard batteries, easy to use, reasonable image quality. I have deliberately ignored the internet warnings over reliability considering that every product has its share of bad copies. Big mistake! Twice as big since I live in Bucharest and here the price is twice the price in NY (I have paid about 170$). The first camera the seller took it from the ...

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I wanted an inexpensive point and shoot camera without a motor driven optics extender. Heck, with 5.1 megapixels and digital zoom, coupled with Paintshop Pro, who needs optical zoom! I can grab a wide "point and click" shot at 5.1 megapixels, and still have a better quality cropped image in my photo editing program than I could take with my older 3.1 megapixel camera! Wonderful. Problems: None yet

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I'm an architect and wanted a very portable camera to use in lots of circumstances - inside and outside of finished buildings, details, construction sites, client workspaces, meetings, etc. This camera is excellent for the purpose. Cost and size were minimized by elimination of optical zoom but the 4 megapixel image stands enlargement and captures great closeup detail. Best point/shoot digital I've had for indoor shots without a flash. Color fidelity is pretty good and manual selection ...

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I bought this camera because I wanted a small and light compact to carry with me at all times. The handling is good and the controls well laid out. Picture quality was also very acceptable. Bearing in mind that this is a small pocketable camera I am very pleased with the results. Update 5 March 2006: I have dropped this camera a couple of times, once onto concrete! Although it is now looking rather battered it is still functioning perfectly. Since I downloaded a firmware upgrade the battery ...

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I've bought this camera three weeks ago.I liked the size and the look of it and I didn't expect a good performance. I have another (more expensive) camera and I needed a second smaller pocket-size camera for everyday use. However the camera turned out to be a good one. It has very comprehensive intelligent menus,it's easy to understand and use.I find the digital red-eye reduction very useful. The picture quality is not impressive,but it's not bad,either. I was surprised that the lens don't ...

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