HP Photosmart 812

Announced Jan 9, 2002 •
4 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 37 – 111 mm (3×)

I have had this camera for four months now, and overall I am pleased. It lacks any manual controls, which is a strong point for people looking for ultimate ease of use, but frustrating if you want the extra control and don't mind learning how to use it. It takes awesome closeups in my opinion, (see http://www.vistudios.com/photos/ for samples). I am frustrated with the battery life. Two dozen shots would be a stretch on my 812, but I like using the "live view" since the lens is offset from ...

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I was able to buy this camera including the dock for 669 euro, a very good deal !!! (A Canon S40 is 330 euro more !)I have taken about 200 pictures now under all conditions. I was amazed by the sharpness and correct colours of the pictures, the fully automatic camera did his job very well (although macro focussing is a bit tricky), no manual adjustments needed (and not possible : there aren't any) The software works perfectly. In bright sunlight you can't see the display, the sound quality ...

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The Cam. takes great picture, and a thing that made me buy it--were the videomode, which also applies sound!! (Poor NIKON 885 Owners, they can only see the movie) :-) The batteries most be RECHARGEABLE, otherwise the camera is very quickly out of power!! I have now been taken 550 pictures with this camera, and max. 5% of them is no good for any use!! So in comparing to other 4,13-million pixel cameras, this one provides A LOT Value for money!! (The optiks are exactly the same as the Pentax ...

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