HP Photosmart 715

Announced Oct 2, 2001 •
3 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 34 – 102 mm (3×)
Bart Doets

I bought this as my first digital camera, three years ago now; the price then was pretty steep, and absolutely ridiculous when you look at it now - ~600 Euros would get you a real beast of a camera today. But, I've had lots of fun with it; the lens quality is superb and very few pics turned out poor. I would work on most pics in Photoshop before sending them out to be printed, mostly small prints but I've printed some myself to A4 and I liked the results. It's now time to part, I'd like ...

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Very good for the beginner a point and shoot model but just that. I had this camera for 1.5 years and I chose it for two reasons: money: the time I bought it there were several 2mp cameras which cost more money (this is an advantage that HP keeps), the design (?) yes, liked the fact that it looked like a real camera and not a gadget. Good for landscape shoots, prints till 13x18, I tried, perfect. BUTs: 1 colors seem to have a special tone, especially skin tones indoors seem 'redish' I don't ...

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B Webb

I recently purchased this camera (lower priced than I can find searching the Internet) and it is a good starter camera. It is relatively easy to use but I find with the flash off the pictures can be blurry at times. I would have liked to be able to do more with it, but the pictures turn out good. The specs state that it has a threaded lens but since the lens zooms out once the power is on, being able to add lenses is not an option. I like the power saver feature on the back screen and also ...

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