Hartblei Lenses

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Country: Germany / Ukraine
Established: 1996
Global website: www.hartblei.de
Hartblei was founded in the mid-90s as Ukrainian Company based in Kiev. The company’s original mission was to modify Russian-build Arsenal lenses into a line of "Superrotators", perspective control lenses which offer free 360 degrees movements for the shift and tilt axes. In 2006, Hartblei began a collaboration with Carl Zeiss to use its medium-format optics for the Superrotator line, and is now certified to call its lenses ‘Hartblei-Optics by Carl Zeiss’.
Hartblei offers a small range of tilt-and-shift lenses, which are based on Carl Zeiss optics and employ a unique ‘Superrotator’ design that allows free rotation of the tilt and shift axes each through 360°.

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