Gitzo GK1580TQR5 Series 1 Carbon Fiber Tripod Overview

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Product description

Manufacturer description: The GK1580TQR5 kit combines the compactness and light weight of the Gitzo Traveler System with the stability and size of a regular Mountaineer Series 1 tripod. It is dedicated to the high-end user seeking for a highly portable support with no compromise. The Traveler tripod is the most compact professional tripod in the market. It is the right solution for photographers looking for lightweight and compactness in pure state in a professional tripod, when traveling (and flying) is a common practice. In order to achieve this "magic," Gitzo developed a unique patented 1806; folding mechanism that gets rid of any space inefficiency in the support system. The head is now accommodated inside the folded tripod legs and this makes it the smallest folded tripod for its open size and number of sections. Matching this compactness with the sturdiness of lightweight carbon fiber and good speed in setup makes the Traveler the ultimate tripod. All Traveler tripods feature the Ground Level Set that allows for low shooting positions and further weight savings. This position is achieved by fixing the head and/or disc (included) directly to the tripod top casting, thus eliminating the center column. The included aluminum upper disc features a Safe Lock, which cuts vibrations and improves the grip between tripod and head. Traveler tripods come with a convenient anti dust bag for storage and packing. The textile anti dust bag is also an answer to environmental protection, aiming to reduce the amount of plastic bags that the global industry is introducing into the environment each day.

Quick specs
Material Carbon Fiber 6X
Maximum height with center column down 51.18 (130 cm)
Folded length 13.78 (35 cm)
Load capacity 12.13 lb (5.50 kg)
Weight 2.56 lb (1.16 kg)

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