Fujifilm XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS

Announced Apr 17, 2013 •
Telephoto zoom lens | Fujifilm X | 16384941
Doug MacMillan

I bought my Fuji X-E3 for travel back in October 2017.  My original kit consisted of the Samyang 12mm f 2.0 and the Fuji 18-55 "kit" lens. Two weeks after purchase I left for a trip to London and Paris and fell in love with shooting with the X-E3. We are planning more trips later this year and while I was in California for business, I stopped by Samy's to look at more lenses. My original intent was to check out the 10-24, which is an impressive lens. They also had a copy of the 55-200, which ...

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Paul Crouse

I have only had this lens for a week, so I haven't had too much experience with it, but this is a great lens. It is really solidly built -- it reminds me a little of old manual focus Nikkors. The zoom ring is very stiff, but I like it. The aperture ring has just the right feel. And the images are really good. My main purpose is for this lens is shooting portraits with my X-E1. Wow -- very nice stuff. The bokeh is really good for a zoom lens. The images are sharp and clear with a bit of ...

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I confess at the outset that, since I bought it a year ago, this has been an under-utilised lens in my collection. However, every time I need to use it, I'm bowled over again by how good this lens is. I tend to use it wide open and at the far end, mostly, although I've also enjoyed using it for portraiture at shorter focal lengths. The OIS marries well with the aperture range to make sharp shots seamlessly easy to take; there is pleasing bokeh and fine subject isolation at the widest apertures. ...

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This lens is currently my favorite go to lens of those I own. It is fast to focus, has great bokeh and is built like a pro lens would be. Tight tolerances and smooth operation. It does everything right. The contrast and color rendition is top flight. the lens could easily sell for 2x it's price but with some of the recent sales offer it becomes a MUST HAVE.

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As with all of Fuji's lenses, the aperture seems a little loose to me, and I wish that the apertures were marked on the body akin to the 35mm f1.4.  But the optics are superb. Out of focus rendering is beautiful and the focus "hot spot" is very sharp. This kind of lens is rarely used in a situation that requires border sharpness, but my copy seems to be fairly sharp from edge to edge. I have read DP Review's complaint that the borders are soft due to in camera processing to remove pincushion ...

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Pros: Very high IQ 5* Compactness 5* Excellent OIS allowing 1/10sec shoot at 200mm !! Build 4* : the aperture ring is much too easy to move and change like the 18-55mm (see cons) Reasonable price tag given the global quality of the product 3.5* Cons: Little play on the Xf bayonet that exists with others but which is detectable with this one due to a too tighten focal length ring, a bit unpleasant AF might be slow in dim light Fixation of the hood for transport is uneasy like with the 60mm and ...

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