Fujifilm FinePix S8600

Announced Jan 6, 2014 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | 25 – 900 mm (36×)

This camera is available used on Amazon for $75, which is exactly what I paid for my copy in a pawn shop. As a new camera in 2014, it was sold for about $150, or even less, at the big box retail shops. Fuji S8630 Fuji still lists the S8600 as a current camera in March of 2017 on their web page. It's still supported, and I downloaded and installed a firmware upgrade. The first thing I noticed about the camera was how well built it appeared. This entry level bridge camera is hefty, substantial, ...

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Bought this as a gift for my son as he is going to a place where there is no electricity so wanted something that used AA batteries.  The build quality is cheap, when you zoom out the lens it seems extremely flimsy - you can notice a wobble in the sections.  The quality of the images is also very poor.  Autofocus at the the long end of the zoom is near impossible; it hunts and hunts and hunts....focuses for 1/2 a second then hunts some more.....also no viewfinder so extremely difficult to ...

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